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Se muestran los artículos pertenecientes a Junio de 2015.

QUESTIONS: The Reproductive System

  1. What are the primary sex characteristics?
  2. What are the secondary sex characteristics?
  3. When do secondary sex characteristics start appearing?
  4. When do boys usually go through puberty?
  5. What happens to a girl’s hips during puberty?
  6. What parts of a woman’s body produce egg cells?
  7. What is the menstrual cycle? Explain it.
  8. How long is a woman’s menstrual cycle?
  9. What are the external sex organs of the female reproductive system?
  10. What are the internal organs of the female reproductive system? Where are they located?
  11. What are the female gametes called?
  12. What is the muscular canal between the vulva and the uterus called?
  13. What parts of the male reproductive system are external?
  14. Which parts of the man’s body produce sperm cells?
  15. What is the bag of skin around the testicles called?
  16. What do the seminal vesicles produce?
  17. What protects the glans at the end of the penis?
  18. How does fertilisation occur?
  19. When does the embryo join itself to the wall of the uterus?
  20. What does the afterbirth include?

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