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Se muestran los artículos pertenecientes a Diciembre de 2014.


  1. Who was the king of Spain on 2nd May 1808?
  2. Where was the Constitution of 1812 signed?
  3. Who became king after the War of Independence?
  4. Who was the first constitutional monarch? When did she rule? Which political group wanted her to have more power?
  5. When did the First Republic start? When did it finished?
  6. Who became king after the First Republic?
  7. When did Primo de Rivera establish a dictatorship?
  8. When did Alfonso XIII leave Spain?
  9. When did the Second Republic start? When did it finished?
  10. What happened in Spain during the Second Republic?
  11. When did the Spanish Civil War start? When did it end? Who won the war? What happened as a result?
  12. Who did the nationalists support during the Civil War?
  13. Who was General Franco? What form of government did he establish in Spain?
  14. When did Franco die?
  15. Who was Spain’s first president after Franco died?
  16. How do we call the years after Franco dictatorship and before the democratic elections?
  17. What happened on 23rd February 1981?
  18. Which political party won the elections in 1982?
  19. Which political party was in power in 1998?
  20. What style of buildings did the architect Antonio Gaudí design?
  21. What type of artist were Chillida and Gargallo?
  22. What style of painting was Salvador Dalí famous for using?
  23. Look for the definitions of the following concepts in a dictionary: military coup, republic, monarchy, dictatorship, democracy and strike.


  • In the times of King Carlos III, the Spanish flag was white, with a Picture of the royal coat of arms in the centre. White was the colour of the Bourbon royal dynasty. In other countries where the Bourbons ruled, such as France and Italy, the national flags were also white.

  • In those times, warships and trading ships used flags to show their nationality, but many countries had flags with the same colours. It was difficult to see the differences at a distance or when it wasn’t windy. When people saw a strange ship, they didn’t know its nationality until the ship was very close, and that could be dangerous during a war!

  • King Carlos III decided to change his country’s flag. He organised a competition and people created 12 different designs. The king finally chose a red and yellow design because it was easy to see on ships from a distance. That is why red and yellow are the colours of Spain’s flag today.




Prepara una presentación en el formato que tú quieras (sé creativo; utiliza tu imaginación), sobre el país de la Unión Europea que te haya correspondido e incluye los siguientes puntos:

-   Nombre del país y su capital.

-   Año de anexión a la Unión Europea.

-   Bandera.

-   Ciudades importantes.

-   Población y superficie.

-   Países fronterizos.

-   Lengua/s oficial/es.

-   Moneda.

-   Religión.

-   Sistema político. Líder político/monarca.

-   Ríos y montañas importantes.

-   Gastronomía, monumentos, personajes famosos, éxitos deportivos, arte, música,…

-   Un poco de historia.


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