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  1. How is electricity produced?
  2. What is an atom?
  3. Which particles does an atom contain? What type of electric charge have they got?
  4. When is an object electrically neutral?
  5. Why can objects become electrically charged?
  6. What force is there between objects with identical electrical charges?
  7. What is a conductor? Examples.
  8. What is an insulator? Examples.
  9. What distribute electric current to our homes?
  10. What happens to electricity in an electric lamp?
  11. Make a chart with the parts of an electrical circuit, including their functions, their symbols and an example of each.
  12. What is magnetism?
  13. What is a compass? What part of the compass points to our planet’s magnetic north pole?
  14. If you break a magnet into two pieces, how many poles will there be? Will both pieces have a north and a south pole? How many magnets will you have?
  15. What four characteristics do electricity and magnetism have in common?
  16. What provides the electric current for an electromagnet?
  17. What happens when an electric circuit is open?


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