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MUSCLES and BONES - Questions

  1. What type of skeleton have humans got?
  2. Which organs of the body does the skeleton protect?
  3. What are muscles made of?
  4. What does bone marrow produce?
  5. How many bones are there in the human body?
  6. How many bones are there in the feet?
  7. How many bones are there in the hands?
  8. What do the bones of the head do?
  9. Which bones connect each upper extremity to the trunk?
  10. Where are your metacarpals located?
  11. What shape are the muscles in your legs?
  12. What type of muscles can you control?
  13. What do the orbicular eye muscles do?
  14. Which muscle bends the leg at the knee?
  15. What type of joint can’t move?
  16. What type of joint is in your shoulder?
  17. What stops the bones in your joints from touching?
  18. What vitamins help you build strong bones?

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