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to be (am, are, is) + going to + infinitive


1) planned actions in the future

We are going to sing at the party.

2) You are certain that something is going to happen in the future.

Look at this car! It is going to crash into the yellow one.


Affirmative sentences:

I am going to play handball.
I’m going to play handball.
You are going to play handball.
You’re going to play handball.

Negative sentences:

I am not going to have a picnic.
I’m not going to have a picnic.
You are not going to have a picnic.
You’re not going to have a picnic.
You aren’t going to have a picnic.


Am I going to have a picnic? Are you going to  have a picnic?


Do not mix up with the Present Continuous!

going to-future Present Continuous
He’s going to read the book.
He’s reading the book.


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