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Nutrition consist of extracting nutrients and oxygen distributing them around the body and excreting the residues.

The different nutrients contained in food are:

- PROTEINS produce our body tissues and are essential for the functioning of our cells.

- CARBOHYDRATES are the most important source of energy; they include starches, which are found in cereals and potatoes, and sugars which are abundant in fruit.

- FATS give us energy. There are both animal and vegetable fats.

- MINERALS control growth and are important for the functioning of the nervous system, the contraction of muscles and the coagulation of blood.

- VITAMINS control the functioning of many of the organs in our body and help us to stay healthy.

We must follow a healthy and balanced diet!!!!

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gravatar.comAutor: Luis Llorente

thanks for put this on the blog

Fecha: 25/02/2015 16:34.

Autor: Asier

Thanks too.

Fecha: 25/02/2015 18:41.

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