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  1. Which event marked the start of Modern Age? When did it happen?
  2. Which event marked the end of Modern Age? When did it happen?
  3. Which were the three groups in which society was divided during Modern Age?
  4. Which were the privileged social groups? And the ones who had to paid taxes?
  5. What was the name of the social and economic group that became a powerful group? Who was in this group?
  6. Which were the groups that had their own courts of law?
  7. Who were the ones who worked on the land?
  8. What are the important changes that occurred during the Modern Age?
  9. What did European monarchs do at the beginning of the 16th century?
  10. Write down the six things the Catholic Kings did during their reign?
  11. Who was the first King of the Habsburg dynasty in Spain? How was he called?
  12. Write down the name of the Habsburg kings in order.
  13. When did Felipe II rule Spain?
  14. What was the dynasty that replaced the Habsburgs? Who were the kings of this dynasty during the 18th century?
  15. Who was the King of Spain when the Royal Academies were created?
  16. Write three more things that Carlos III did to modernize Spain in the 18th century.
  17. Which are the main artistic styles of the Modern Age?
  18. Which artistic style uses lots of dramatic effects?
  19. In what artistic style did El Greco paint?
  20. When was the Golden Age in Spain? Write down the name of two writers and two painters of that period.


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Autor: Maria pelaez

Esti the questions have help me a lot to study thanks you very much

Fecha: 13/11/2014 17:47.

Autor: Carlota

Thank you Estibaliz

Fecha: 16/11/2014 15:12.

Autor: Estibaliz

I'm glad you find them usefull!!!!

Fecha: 16/11/2014 18:25.

Autor: Asier


Fecha: 14/01/2015 20:05.

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