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  1. What is history? What are the 4 main objectives of History?
  2. How do we measure the time in History?
  3. Write the 5 periods in which we divide History and when they begin and end.
  4. When did Prehistory begin? When did Prehistory finish?
  5. Write the periods in which we can divide Prehistory.
  6. Write 4 characteristics of the Paleolithic Period.
  7. When did the Neolithic begin?
  8. Write the 4 main characteristics of the Neolithic Period.
  9. When did the Metal Ages begin?
  10. Describe the characteristics of the Metal Ages
  11. When did the Ancient period begin?
  12.  Write down the 4 major civilizations that developed in the Ancient Period.
  13. Describe the characteristics of the Ancient Greece.
  14. Describe the characteristics of the Roman Empire.
  15. Why do we know that the Iberian Peninsula was inhabitated during the Paleolithic Period?
  16. What are the most important discoveries from the Paleolithic Period?
  17. Where are the most famous cave paintings in the world? Describe them.
  18. What is the most important clay pottery during the Metal Ages?
  19. What kinds of monuments were built during the Metal Ages?
  20. Who lived in the Peninsula in the early Ancient Period?
  21. Who established colonies along the eastern and southern coast of the Iberian Peninsula? Why?
  22. What was Hispania?
  23. What Roman monuments can we see nowadays in Spain?

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gravatar.comAutor: Julen

Las preguntas son más largas que en 5º

Fecha: 09/10/2014 19:16.

Autor: maria pelaez

gracias por ayudarnos esti

Fecha: 09/10/2014 19:23.

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