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  1. What are the main characteristics of vertebrates?
  2. How do some vertebrates take oxygen from water?
  3. How do viviparous animals reproduce?
  4. How many groups of vertebrates are there?
  5. What covers the body of an amphibian?
  6. How do most fish reproduce?
  7. What is a shark’s skeleton made of?
  8. What are two names for amphibian young?
  9. Why haven’t adult frogs got tails?
  10. How do snakes move around?
  11. Are lizards viviparous animals?
  12. Which reptile has got a hard shell?
  13. What have birds and turtles got instead of teeth?
  14. How can we classify mammals according to the way they reproduce? Give examples of mammals belonging to each group.
  15. What do mammary glands do?
  16. Which mammals reproduce by laying eggs?
  17. Which group of mammals is the most numerous?
  18. Where do female marsupials carry their young?
  19. According to what they eat, animals can be carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Give an example of each group.
  20. Can you name any fishing carnivore? And what about a hunting carnivore?

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