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  1. What are the main characteristics of invertebrates?
  2. What percentage of the world’s animals are vertebrates?
  3. What is the most numerous group of animals on our planet?
  4. What main groups of invertebrates are there?
  5. What kind of protection have ants and beetles got?
  6. What has an echinoderm got on its body?
  7. Which invertebrate has got a soft body with many segments?
  8. What main groups of arthropods are there?
  9. How many legs have the different groups of arthropods got?
  10. Which type of arthropod can have wings?
  11. What type of mollusk has got long arms?
  12. What is the shape of a snail’s shell?
  13. How do bivalve mollusks get nutrients?
  14. Are jellyfish filter feeders?
  15. How do polyps anchor themselves to the ocean floor?
  16. How many arms has a starfish normally got?
  17. What group of invertebrates do earthworms belong to?
  18. How do sponges feed?
  19. Why has a sea urchin got spikes on its body?
  20. Give examples of some arthropods that are useful for us and some that cause problems.


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