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PLANTS - Questions

  1. Plants share certain characteristics. Which are them?
  2. How can we classify plants according to how they reproduce?
  3. What is another name for gymnosperms? And for angiosperms?
  4. What are the non-seed plants? How do they reproduce?
  5. Where do a fern’s spores capsules grow?
  6. What part of a moss anchors it to the ground?
  7. Name and explain the three ways plants interact with their environment.
  8. What are the three basic parts of plants?
  9. What are the functions of roots? Are all roots equal?
  10. What is the main function of the stem?
  11. We can divide plants into two groups according to their stems, which are them?
  12. What do we call the parts of a compound leaf?
  13. How do plants perform the nutrition process? Explain it.
  14. What plant process occurs at night? Explain it.
  15. What parts of a flower form the calyx?
  16. How many parts has the pistil got?
  17. What is the male reproductive organ of the flower?
  18. What is cross-pollination?
  19. How does fertilization occur?
  20. When does germination take place?

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