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  1. What is the biosphere?
  2. What are the three basic life processes?
  3. Do all living things reproduce in the same way?
  4. How do people interact with their environment?
  5. What basic life process are we performing when we breathe?
  6. Are cells living things? How do we know?
  7. Have animal cells got a cell wall?
  8. What are the names of some members of the Fungus Kingdom?
  9. According to the number of cells, what type of organisms exist?
  10. What type of organisms are bacteria?
  11. What are the main parts of the cell?
  12. What does a cell’s nucleus do?
  13. How many levels of life organization have we studied? Name them in order.
  14. What do we call similar tissues that work together to perform a function?
  15. In how many groups can we classify living things?
  16. What kingdom has only got unicellular organisms?
  17. Where do protozoans usually live?
  18. How are plants and algae alike?
  19. Which kingdom is mainly formed by decomposers?
  20. What are the names of some members of the Fungus Kingdom?

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