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Planet Earth - QUESTIONS

  1. Name and define the three parts of the Earth.
  2. What do we call the gaseous layer that surrounds the Earth? Name its layers.
  3. Which layer of the atmosphere reflects radio waves?
  4. What is the ozone layer?
  5. Which are the layers of the geosphere? Which one is mostly made of iron?
  6. Where can we find water in a liquid state on the Earth
  7. What are the properties of minerals?
  8. How are metamorphic rocks formed?
  9. What does the process of erosion do to rocks?
  10. How do sedimentary rocks become metamorphic rocks?
  11. Classify the following rocks by their origin: conglomerate, basalt, slate, granite, carbon, sandstone.
  12. What do we call magma when it flows out of a volcano?
  13. What are the parts of a volcano?
  14. Why are areas and distances distorted on maps?
  15. What is another name for the Prime Meridian?
  16. Define latitude and longitude.
  17. What is the latitude of the equator?
  18. What are meridians? And parallels?
  19. Are meridians circular or semicircular?

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Autor: Maria Pelaez

Estibaliz thank you a lot for these questions i like you.

Fecha: 30/10/2013 17:44.

Autor: Estibaliz

Thank you very much, María!
You're so sweet!!!

Fecha: 30/10/2013 22:42.

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