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 In this unit we are going to learn the following contents:

  • Value of water for life and knowledge of its adequate and inadequate uses.
  • Parts of the Earth: atmosphere, geosphere and hydrosphere. Definitions.
  • Components and layers of the atmosphere.
  • Materials and layers of the geosphere. Properties of minerals. Types of rocks according to their origin.
  • Phenomena produced by the energy inside the Earth.
  • Minerals and their basic characteristics.
  • Identification and representation of the layers of the atmosphere and their characteristics (troposphere, stratosphere, ionosphere).
  • Identification and representation of the layers of the geosphere (crust, mantle and core).
  • Classification of different kinds of rocks according to their origin (volcanic, sedimentary, metamorphic).
  • Recognition and representation of a volcano and its basic parts.
  • Representation of the Earth in different forms.
  • Recognition of the basic imaginary lines of the Earth (Equator, meridians and parallels).

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