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  1. What is the universe? What does it include?
  2. What is a galaxy? What is the name of our galaxy?
  3. What are stars? What do they produce?
  4. How can we classify stars? According to this, which kind of star is the Sun?
  5. What is a large star called? And a small one?
  6. How long does the Sun take to revolve around our galaxy?
  7. Classify the planets in our solar system, from the closest to the farthest from the Sun.
  8. What is the difference between the inner planets and the outer planets?
  9. What are comets made of?
  10. What are natural satellites? What is the name of the one that revolves around our planet?
  11. How does the Earth move? Explain both movements.
  12. How long does the Earth take to complete one rotation?
  13. What is the direction of the Earth’s rotation?
  14. What happens every year on 21st June in the Northern Hemisphere?
  15. What does begin in the Southern Hemisphere when winter begins in the Northern one?
  16. How long is one lunar orbit?
  17. Why can we only see one side of the Moon?
  18. Name the lunar phases. Why do we see the full moon?
  19. What happens during a solar eclipse?
  20. What happens during a lunar eclipse?



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