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ENERGY - Questions

  1. What is energy?
  2. Which are the most common forms of energy? Give an example of each one.
  3. What type of energy depends on an object’s mass and velocity?
  4. What type of energy is there in carbohydrates?
  5. What happens when an object releases thermal energy?
  6. When does an object’s potential energy decrease?
  7. What are non-renewable sources of energy?
  8. What type of energy sources are replaced naturally?
  9. What is natural gas?
  10. What is coal?
  11. What is petroleum?
  12. What is uranium? What happens when we release the energy in uranium?
  13. Why are non-renewable sources of energy limited?
  14. What are the main alternative sources of energy?
  15. What keeps the water in a reservoir?
  16. What type of energy has the water got when it’s in the reservoir?
  17. What type of energy has the turbine of a reservoir got when it’s moving?
  18. What moves the blades of a wind turbine?
  19. Where do we get biofuels from?
  20. What is the rule of the three R’s?

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