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  1. Why does the body need nutrients and oxygen? How are they carried around our bodies?
  2. What does the body do with the substances it doesn’t need or which are harmful?
  3. What does the circulatory system do?
  4. Which systems are involved in the process of waste elimination?
  5. Explain: pulmonary circulation and general circulation.
  6. What is the difference between oxygenated blood and deoxygenated blood?
  7. What does the blood carry? What does it contains?
  8. How many types of blood cells are there? Name them and say what their functions are.
  9. Where do the blood vessels go?
  10. Which blood vessels carry blood to the right atrium?
  11. What are the capillaries?
  12. How many chambers has the heart got? How are they called?
  13. Which chamber of the heart pumps blood around the body?
  14. What does the septum do?
  15. Where does blood pick up oxygen?
  16. What are the functions of the excretory system? Name the two main parts of the excretory system.
  17. What do sweat glands do? What does sweat contain?
  18. What are the main parts of the urinary tract? And what are their functions?
  19. Explain the process of eliminating waste products and harmful substances through the urinary tract.
  20. Where are the kidneys?
  21. What blood vessels carry blood to the kidneys?

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gravatar.comAutor: Ruth

hello teacher...How are you??
thanks for the questions...i think that are realy good to study.ONE QUESTION:
all of this questions are going to be in the test?,or a few of them??????the other question is if the test have questions about put the names of the parts of the heart and the excretory system????


Fecha: 10/02/2013 10:30.

Autor: Estibaliz

Hello Ruth.
As I told you, only a few of these questions will be in the test. You will also have to label the parts of the heart and the parts of the urinary tract. Don't forget to study also the blood cells and the blood vessels...

Fecha: 10/02/2013 11:56.

Autor: Ruth

thanks you very much esti...

Fecha: 10/02/2013 13:30.

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