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  1. What is the EU?
  2. When was it created?
  3. What is the main goal of the EU?
  4. When was the European Economic Community created?
  5. Which six countries founded the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1957?
  6. What treaty did the member states of the EEC sign in 1992?
  7. How many member states has the EU got at the moment?
  8. Why has the EU flag got twelve stars?
  9. Which European institution prepares new laws?
  10. When did Spain join the European Economic Community?
  11. Who can participate in the Erasmus programme?
  12. What is the European climate like?
  13. Why are Europeans living longer lives?
  14. What values is European society based on?
  15. Why do people immigrate to the EU?
  16. Which sector of the European economy employs the most people?
  17. Which sector employs the fewest people?
  18. Which country has got the highest percentage of electricity produce from renewable sources of energy?
  19. Which country has got the lowest percentage?
  20. What position does Spain occupy in this list?


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