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  1. What is the total population of an area?
  2. What is the real population change? Explain your answer.
  3. How do we calculate the population density?
  4. What type of information do municipal registries keep?
  5. How often is there a national census in Spain?
  6. Why has Spain got a low birth rate?
  7. Why is Spain’s net migration positive?
  8. What is the population density like in large cities?
  9. What is the surface area of Spain?
  10. What is the population density like in Extremadura?
  11. What is the population density like in Madrid?
  12. Which autonomous community has got a bigger population?
  13. Which has got a higher population density?
  14. Where does the rural population live?
  15. Why are there more females than males in Spain?
  16. What percentage of Spaniards live in towns and cities?
  17. Which population group do people over the age of seventy-five belong to?
  18. What is a population pyramid?
  19. When did many Spaniards immigrate to the Americas?
  20. Which group makes up about 13% of the Spanish population?
  21. What should we do when new immigrants arrive in Spain?
  22. How did Spain’s migration patterns change at the end of the 20th century?


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