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  1. What is the Constitution?
  2. When was the Spanish Constitution approved?
  3. What does the word “democracy” mean?
  4. What are elections for? How often are they held?
  5. How old do you have to be to vote in Spain?
  6. Who is the head of state in Spain?
  7. Which Spanish institution monitors the government’s activities?
  8. How many Members of Parliament are there in the Spanish Congress?
  9. Who chooses the ministers of the Spanish government?
  10. What type of power have magistrates got?
  11. Which power passes new laws and makes changes to old laws?
  12. How many autonomous communities are there in Spain?
  13. What are Ceuta and Melilla? Where are they?
  14. What official symbols have all autonomous communities got?
  15. Which two autonomous communities are not part of the Iberian Peninsula?
  16. Which seas does the Iberian Peninsula border on?
  17. What organisation passed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
  18. Which human rights are included in the Spanish Constitution of 1978?
  19. Which Spanish citizens must obey the law?
  20. Who has got the right to clean water?



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