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  1. What year did the French Revolution begin?
  2. What were the causes of the French Revolution?
  3. What were the consequences of the French Revolution?
  4. When did the Industrial Revolution begin?
  5. What social group did factory workers belong to?
  6. What does imperialism mean?
  7. Which two countries had the most colonies in the 19th century?
  8. What did countries that were imperial powers want from their colonies?
  9. When was the First World War?
  10. What year did the Second World War end?
  11. Which two countries became superpowers after the Second World War?
  12. Why was the United Nations (UN) established? When was it established?
  13. What does “Cold War” mean?
  14. Which two cities were destroyed by atomic bombs?
  15. What is one negative effect of globalisation?
  16. How is transport today different from transport in the 19th century?
  17. Why are there lots of schools in Spain now?
  18. Why should all people be equal before the law?
  19. What does the legislative power do?
  20. What does the executive power do?
  21. What does the judicial power do?
  22.  When were the three separated powers established?



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Thanks for putting the questions Estibaliz, for the people who didn´t copy it.

Fecha: 30/10/2012 21:35.

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