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Life in The Middle Ages

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Autor: Irene Znidar 6 º A

Thanks for putting those videos about Middle Ages. They are very interesting.

Fecha: 05/10/2012 21:43.

Autor: Ruth Mª

I like a lot this video i think is very interesting.:)

Fecha: 06/10/2012 20:45.

gravatar.comAutor: Estibaliz

I'm really glad you like them. Thanks a lot for your comments, girls.

Fecha: 07/10/2012 14:41.

Autor: Sergio Cubillas 6ºA

These videos are very good sources of studing

Fecha: 07/10/2012 16:58.

Autor: Estibaliz

Thank you, Sergio!!

Fecha: 07/10/2012 20:23.

Autor: Alejandra Estacio 6-.A

Thank you for put this vídeos that are very
Interesting and very good to study

Fecha: 07/10/2012 21:44.

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