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10/04/2012 14:18 miprimerzarzablog #. ENGLISH

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Autor: Irene Znidar 5 º A

I like a lot that story. Thanks for putting nice things in the blog.
I've made another version of the story:
If you show an elephant a mouse, he'll ask for a place to hide.If he asks you for a place to hide, you'll have to hide him in a mountain the Pyrinees. If you hide him in the Pyrinees,he will ask for a coat because he'll be cold.If
he asks you for a coat,you will have to take big pieces of leather
and put them together. If you don't
know how to sew,you'll have to ask the elephant sew for you. Most chances are the elephant doesn't know how to sew. If the elephant doesn't know how to sew,you'll have to go to your house to ask your mum sew for you.After a long journey going to the Pyrinees and coming back to your house,the elephant will be hungry. If he asks for food,you'll have to give him a very big plate of salad because he'll be tired. If he finishes everything,he'll ask you for a place to sleep. If he asks you for a place to sleep,you'll have to share your bed with him.If
you share your bed with him,you will have to make your bed. When the elephant will go to sleep,he might see a mouse in a corner. If he sees amouse he'll ask for a place to hide...


Fecha: 11/04/2012 21:43.

Autor: Irene 5 º A

I think I've made a mistake writting "Pirynees".

Fecha: 11/04/2012 21:46.

Autor: javier 5-A

Estibaliz:The story that you have puted in the class of the mouse give me alot of ideas to my story :) thanks for puted it in the blog it's funny.

Fecha: 12/04/2012 20:02.

Autor: Inés Muñoz 5ºA

Estibaliz i like very much the story if you give a mouse a cookie...and i like Irene's story too.I like it.

Fecha: 14/04/2012 10:23.

Autor: Raquel

I love the video. It's funny because he will do the same thing all the time. I also like IRENE's story.

Fecha: 01/08/2012 13:59.

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