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Armies of Trash People Invade the World's Cities!


HA Schult’s "Trash People" rank worldwide among the first environmental artworks, ...

Click here to see pictures of Trash People in cities all around the world.

01/03/2012 01:05 miprimerzarzablog #. ART

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Autor: Inés 5ºA

Estibaliz, I like very much the photos of the trash people.And I like the article that we read.

Fecha: 01/03/2012 14:54.

Autor: Pablo Montalvo

The pictures are very good,thanks for put them in the blog

Fecha: 14/03/2012 20:21.

Autor: Estibaliz

I agree with you. The pictures are wonderful and the whole idea too.

Fecha: 19/03/2012 12:05.

Autor: berta morales6ºA

I have seen these now and I like it a lot. Its originally.

Fecha: 18/04/2012 13:24.

Autor: Estibaliz

They are good indeed.
Thanks for your visit and the comment Berta.

Fecha: 18/04/2012 23:21.

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