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Welcome to Rocky’s journey around the rock cycle!

Rocky the rock

Hi, my name is Rocky
I am your guide on the journey around the rock cycle. The rock cycle is a continuous process that occurs over millions of years. It makes new rock, destroys old rock, and recycles the ingredients of the Earth’s crust over and over again!

If you want to join me on an amazing journey under the Earth click on the cycle below.
You can start wherever you want, but it is probably best to begin at Weathering and work your way around it from there.

The rock cycle Rocks at the Earth’s surface Weathering Erosion Deposition Metamorphism Uplift Uplift Uplift Compaction/cementation Extrusion Intrusion Melting


Have you mastered the rock cycle yet? Test yourself here!
Are you lost and need help using the site? Get some help!

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