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Fancy-dress party fun, a time for decorating your homes and going out to give people 
a scare.

This festival has undergone many changes since it began. Would you like to know how it has changed?

1- Its name comes from the English expression "All Hallows’ Eve", although the Celts already celebrated it under the name of Samhaim. For them it represented the end 
of the harvest season and the beginning of the new year.

2- In 1840 the festival reached the USA and it was very common to use turnips to ward away the spirits from homes. However, it was decided to use pumpkins instead, as they were more abundant.

3- Trick-or-Treat was something that was only done by the poor and instead of receiving candy they were given Soul Cakes, a kind of sweet bread. In exchange, they were supposed to say a prayer for the deceased of the home in question.

Now that you know a little more about this tradition, we hope you will enjoy it and have a great day.

Create your own witch costume 
following these easy steps:

The dress

• Take a large, black dustbin liner and make three holes in it for the head and arms.
• Cut out a fringe with some scissors at the bottom.
• Draw patches or spiders on a piece of paper and stick them to the dress.

The hat

• Cut out a piece of black cardboard and roll it up on itself to form a cone.
• Stick down the sides with glue and/or staples.
• Cut out another piece of cardboard for the brim of the hat.
• Make some slits at the base of the cone, like a fringe, and stick them down to the brim of the hat.
• Decorate the hat with a coloured ribbon and a half moon made out of aluminium foil.
• Tie a scarf around your neck and put on some fun tights… and if you’re feeling adventurous, put some coloured highlights in your hair!

The broom

• Take a broom and stick on pieces of paper or coloured ribbons, spiders, bats…

And now you’re ready to cast your spell!
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