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Materials you will need are : a toilet paper roll, some toilet paper , a printer, paper (I prefer construction paper), scissors, glue, and something to colour with. 

  • Print out the template of choice. 
  • Colour pieces, as necessary. 
  • Cut out the pieces.  This step may require adult assistance. 
  • Take a piece of toilet paper about three squares long.  Lie it on the table and fold or scrunch it up so that it’s still three squares long, but makes a skinny rope (banadage). 
    • Glue the bandage around the toilet paper roll. 
    • Make two or three more of these banadages to cover the roll completely. 
    • You can "age" your bandages by dipping the toilet paper into some cold tea (just dip the corner in a bowl of tea and it will wick it up the bandage),
  • Let your dipped bandages dry before wrapping your mummy.
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